American Neutrality-WWII Series

September 5th brought America’s announcing of their Neutrality in the war. After WWI, it was clear in American memory that interfering with European affairs was a huge mistake and it was one they strongly intended not to make again. President Franklin D. Roosevelt brought to play a series of Neutrality Acts. However, he believed that this was a very different war from World War I since … Continue reading American Neutrality-WWII Series

Declaration of War- WWII Series

September 3rd is an important day in concern of World War Two history. It was the day that Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister, declared war on Germany. I remember listening to his declaration speech in class at school and getting shivers down my spine. Despite his failures to appease Hitler, nobody can deny that Chamberlain had anything but good intentions in his bid to achieve … Continue reading Declaration of War- WWII Series

Hitler Invades Poland- WWII Series

A series of posts shall emerge throughout September, following the events that unfolded after Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, 1939. It cannot be denied that World War Two has changed the world in so many ways and will have an everlasting effect on our society for as long as current generations may live. I am personally intrigued by war history, particularly the second world … Continue reading Hitler Invades Poland- WWII Series