Germany’s Dark Tourism- Part 1

SACHSENHAUSEN CONCENTRATION CAMP So as the blog (and Instagram) has recently displayed, I recently visited Berlin. One of the best trips of my life is an understatement to show how much I truly enjoyed every second. However, the other day I was contemplating what it was I enjoy so much about the history of Germany. The entire history of Germany is VERY broad and I … Continue reading Germany’s Dark Tourism- Part 1

Redmond, WA

After the most horrific journey of my life, I have finally made it to Seattle. This is the first beautiful view I was faced with and it is right outside of my Grandad’s apartment. Redmond is a district of Seattle, truly stunning from every angle, I can’t fault it. My Grandad is so lucky to live here. It is currently 7:06 and I am waiting … Continue reading Redmond, WA


One of Russia’s oldest cities has celebrated its 2000th birthday- Derbent. Belonging to the Republic of Dagestan, it borders the Caspian Sea and is the most Southern city in Russia. It has been named the second most important city in Dagestan due to its age and prestige. Here’s some facts about it:-  Strategically positioned, it was often fought over and changed ownership however in the … Continue reading Derbent