One of Russia’s oldest cities has celebrated its 2000th birthday- Derbent. Belonging to the Republic of Dagestan, it borders the Caspian Sea and is the most Southern city in Russia. It has been named the second most important city in Dagestan due to its age and prestige. Here’s some facts about it:-  Strategically positioned, it was often fought over and changed ownership however in the … Continue reading Derbent

Ivan Bunin

I recently read a lovely poem by Ivan Bunin who is one of my favourite Russian poets. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again but I love reading poetry from before and after the revolution, it’s so crazy how much the tone of the poetry can change so much from one life-changing event. I work in Wetherspoons and I found some Russian books … Continue reading Ivan Bunin

The Infamous Cheka

This very day in 1917 saw the official formation of one of the world’s most terrifying and ruthless organisations- the Cheka. The ‘Cheka’ was the secret police of the Russian Soviet Union however it was very rare to find anyone who was unaware of its existence due to the terror which it imposed on so many people across Bolshevik Russia. The original idea of this … Continue reading The Infamous Cheka

The Kursk Disaster #Onthisday

This day marks 15 years since the tragedy which struck an Oscar-class submarine from Russia. Killing all 118 sailors, officers and contractors on board, the vehicle supposedly sank itself when a dummy torpedo caused a sequence of kerosene and peroxide explosions. This is a really sad event but it’s definitely an interesting one. There are several conspiracies surrounding this happening, possibly down to the fact … Continue reading The Kursk Disaster #Onthisday

Marina Tsvetaeva- A Kiss On The Forehead

Marina Tsvetaeva is another one of my favourite poets from within the Russian selection, another Silver Age poet to be enjoyed. She was born in Moscow and her mother died of Tuberculosis whilst she was just 14. I think this is reflected heavily throughout her early collections, particularly in the poem below. This is a poem which I find really nostalgic. I think the situation … Continue reading Marina Tsvetaeva- A Kiss On The Forehead

Stalin’s Blue Crayon

It has been presented throughout history that tyrannical leaders rely upon methods of control and stability to maintain an absolutist rule. Having a sense of control was particularly vital to Joseph Stalin, a man driven by paranoia and fear of defeat. Usually, control would be associated with terror, something quite well-known to Stalin as a leader. However, Stalin found a more personal interest in the … Continue reading Stalin’s Blue Crayon