Germany’s Dark Tourism-Part 2

THE STASI PRISON The most fascinating of the places I visited in Berlin was the STASI prison. I’m not sure if it is because the topic of the German Federal Republic interests me hugely or my interest in crime and punishment, but this part really stunned me. The tour guide was incredible. She was German herself, from the West of Berlin. It was clear her … Continue reading Germany’s Dark Tourism-Part 2

Germany’s Dark Tourism- Part 1

SACHSENHAUSEN CONCENTRATION CAMP So as the blog (and Instagram) has recently displayed, I recently visited Berlin. One of the best trips of my life is an understatement to show how much I truly enjoyed every second. However, the other day I was contemplating what it was I enjoy so much about the history of Germany. The entire history of Germany is VERY broad and I … Continue reading Germany’s Dark Tourism- Part 1

Declaration of War- WWII Series

September 3rd is an important day in concern of World War Two history. It was the day that Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister, declared war on Germany. I remember listening to his declaration speech in class at school and getting shivers down my spine. Despite his failures to appease Hitler, nobody can deny that Chamberlain had anything but good intentions in his bid to achieve … Continue reading Declaration of War- WWII Series

Spartacist Revolt 1919

On this day, 1919, a group of German socialists launched a coup in Berlin in order to rebel against the unfair treatment of the German people by the Weimar Republican government running Germany at the time. This attempted revolution would be remembered throughout the history of Germany and also Russia due to the huge pride felt by Russia in any Marxist inspired movements. When armistice … Continue reading Spartacist Revolt 1919