A Memorable Duo: Expectation and Supper Club🍇

Today I thought I’d stop by and tell you about two very incredible books by two very incredible authors. It’s been a while as I’ve been drowning in a sea of essays. Apologies in advance if this reads like one, all complaints should be directed towards the University of Manchester’s English department… Lara Williams’ Supper Club and Anna Hope’s Expectation. Both published this year and … Continue reading A Memorable Duo: Expectation and Supper Club🍇

Faber Stories: Sally Rooney & Sylvia Plath

So I saw that Faber was releasing a collection of stories in celebration of their 90th year of publishing and obviously I went and had a browse of the first few available. I decided to tackle Sally Rooney’s Mr Salary because of how critically acclaimed she has recently become for such a young writer- maybe I’m looking for some inspiration. As well as this one, I picked … Continue reading Faber Stories: Sally Rooney & Sylvia Plath

Chetham’s Library

A few weeks ago me and my friend Corinne paid a visit to the oldest known public library in the English speaking world. Chetham’s library can be found in Manchester, right next to The Printworks and the National Football Museum, and is home to some very interesting and equally amazing histories. I didn’t even know it existed! It is very well hidden but upon entering … Continue reading Chetham’s Library

Accepting ‘failure’ and trying to be better

I recently mentioned that there was potential for me to take part in a super exciting opportunity this summer, if I could succeed in getting it. That ‘it’ was a two-month-long paid internship at Penguin Random House. As you can imagine and have probably observed, I was overwhelmed and overjoyed to even get the chance to be interviewed, so that in itself was a success … Continue reading Accepting ‘failure’ and trying to be better