Dr Michael Scott on Globalisation

Living in the cheery old town of Blackpool, it isn’t often I get the opportunity to experience talks first-hand from award-winning or renowned historians. When I found out Dr Michael Scott would be doing a lecture in Lytham I was super excited to attend, despite having interests in more modern history than ancient. He has been to my college before too due to my teacher’s … Continue reading Dr Michael Scott on Globalisation

Battle of Munychia 404BC

After the Great Peloponnesian War (431-404BC), the Athenian empire eventually fell into the hands of the unforgiving enemy- Sparta. Throughout the history of Sparta amongst the Greeks, it was always thought that their greatest moment would picture them as emancipators, previously dubbed ‘Liberators of Hellas’ by allied states. However, the Treaty of Miletus with Persia saw Sparta willing to sell out all of the coastal … Continue reading Battle of Munychia 404BC