Fiona Benson’s Vertigo and Ghost : Rape Culture, Greek Myth & Abuse of Power

Amidst my erratic book purchases in January, I picked up Vertigo and Ghost after seeing many people, whose opinions I highly value, screaming about its importance. And after swallowing it up in a matter of hours, I am stunned and also feel I should be screaming about it from the rooftops. Benson has climbed to the top of my poetry-seeking radar and I can’t wait … Continue reading Fiona Benson’s Vertigo and Ghost : Rape Culture, Greek Myth & Abuse of Power

June 24th

Blue skies are gone The stars look different Tonight ~ Goodbye dear friend We have fought A crass, destructive War to keep hold of your Palm in ours, hands and hearts Now divided Like the people left behind. ~ And yes Bullets have been fired And yes Turmoil has dawned We are angry The people are rising up Hatred, stinging fear ~ We sit and … Continue reading June 24th

Ivan Bunin

I recently read a lovely poem by Ivan Bunin who is one of my favourite Russian poets. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again but I love reading poetry from before and after the revolution, it’s so crazy how much the tone of the poetry can change so much from one life-changing event. I work in Wetherspoons and I found some Russian books … Continue reading Ivan Bunin

Nothing Matters

Writing practice… It’s hard to find the strength to move on from something which grounds you so heavily, devouring every joule of energy left within the anchored corpse left behind. You often find yourself standing and staring and just breathing, wondering what the point of everything really is.  The 7 o’clock sunrise glares through the splits between each crumpled curtain, the alarm blares through the … Continue reading Nothing Matters

Red Moon

First poem in a long time. It’s hard to find words to summarise my sadness concerning the tragedy in Paris and other cities alike who have suffered similarly in recent days. It’s important to remember that terror is a separate issue to politics as well as religion- terror is evil and is condoned by no religion. This poem reflects how I see the current state … Continue reading Red Moon

Marina Tsvetaeva- A Kiss On The Forehead

Marina Tsvetaeva is another one of my favourite poets from within the Russian selection, another Silver Age poet to be enjoyed. She was born in Moscow and her mother died of Tuberculosis whilst she was just 14. I think this is reflected heavily throughout her early collections, particularly in the poem below. This is a poem which I find really nostalgic. I think the situation … Continue reading Marina Tsvetaeva- A Kiss On The Forehead

Auschwitz- Holocaust week

(A poem written in memory of those who were lost to the holocaust and those who were lucky enough to survive the evil of Nazism.) Liberation Shuttling down a creaking track Rusted cogs grind Endless churning Down the thick iced Pathway to Suffering A cold Like never before Sun creeps amongst the snow Silent, lonely warmth Jitters on the skin of Faceless creatures Men wield … Continue reading Auschwitz- Holocaust week