Women’s Social and Political Union

One of my biggest inspirations in life, as a woman and as a lover of all things democratic, comes in the form of the WSPU- Women’s Social and Political Union. In the late 1800s and early 1990s, the NUWSS (National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies) were actively making peaceful attempts to expand the rights of women in the UK, specifically by demanding that they have … Continue reading Women’s Social and Political Union

Germany’s Dark Tourism-Part 2

THE STASI PRISON The most fascinating of the places I visited in Berlin was the STASI prison. I’m not sure if it is because the topic of the German Federal Republic interests me hugely or my interest in crime and punishment, but this part really stunned me. The tour guide was incredible. She was German herself, from the West of Berlin. It was clear her … Continue reading Germany’s Dark Tourism-Part 2

Germany’s Dark Tourism- Part 1

SACHSENHAUSEN CONCENTRATION CAMP So as the blog (and Instagram) has recently displayed, I recently visited Berlin. One of the best trips of my life is an understatement to show how much I truly enjoyed every second. However, the other day I was contemplating what it was I enjoy so much about the history of Germany. The entire history of Germany is VERY broad and I … Continue reading Germany’s Dark Tourism- Part 1

Emmeline Pankhurst/Freedom or Death

This gives me goosebumps whenever I listen to it. Here is a youtube video presenting the audio of a re-enactment of the famous speech, originally spoken 1913 in Connecticut by suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst. It gives me all the inspiration and motivation I need to keep at my studies and keep planning the future. “You have two babies very hungry and wanting to be fed. One … Continue reading Emmeline Pankhurst/Freedom or Death

Dr Michael Scott on Globalisation

Living in the cheery old town of Blackpool, it isn’t often I get the opportunity to experience talks first-hand from award-winning or renowned historians. When I found out Dr Michael Scott would be doing a lecture in Lytham I was super excited to attend, despite having interests in more modern history than ancient. He has been to my college before too due to my teacher’s … Continue reading Dr Michael Scott on Globalisation

Siege of Tyre 332BC

During his attempt to overcome the Persian empire, Alexander the Great set his sights on the city of Tyre, one guarded by great walls and a city that would allow him to safely invade Egypt in the future as well as preventing revolts in Greece. Prior to this invasion, Alexander had battled Darius, the Persian King, at Issus and defeated him, leaving Darius to flee … Continue reading Siege of Tyre 332BC

The Infamous Cheka

This very day in 1917 saw the official formation of one of the world’s most terrifying and ruthless organisations- the Cheka. The ‘Cheka’ was the secret police of the Russian Soviet Union however it was very rare to find anyone who was unaware of its existence due to the terror which it imposed on so many people across Bolshevik Russia. The original idea of this … Continue reading The Infamous Cheka

American Neutrality-WWII Series

September 5th brought America’s announcing of their Neutrality in the war. After WWI, it was clear in American memory that interfering with European affairs was a huge mistake and it was one they strongly intended not to make again. President Franklin D. Roosevelt brought to play a series of Neutrality Acts. However, he believed that this was a very different war from World War I since … Continue reading American Neutrality-WWII Series