5 Independent Publishers I’m Loving

Independent publishing houses are really important to the book industry and the kinds of voices we uplift and put out into the world for people to read. Today I thought I’d offer up a variety of my favourites and why they’re standing out to me at the moment!

1. @silver.press is a new feminist publisher, re-releasing titles that deserve a lot more hype than they have received. Some of writers they’ve published so far include Audre Lorde, Nell Dunn & Leonora Carrington.
2. @glagoslav was formed in 2011 and focuses on publishing English translations of literature by Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian authors. I love this concept, and I love their mission to create a dialogue between East and West through a love of literature.
3. @commapress is a Manchester based independent publisher of short fiction. We love a Northern publisher💚 They’ve published all sorts, but I particularly love their city-inspired short story anthologies, from Leeds to Istanbul.
4. @deadinkbooks was voted Northern Publisher of the Year in 2018, and there’s no doubting why. They’re focus is to publish new writers of exciting literary fiction. I’d highly recommend reading My Political Novel by Haroun Khan, which is an intriguing essay available to read on their website.
5. @saltpublishing is an incredible publishing house which turns 20 years old this year, and is based in Norfolk. I love following their journey on twitter, and I can’t wait to see their release of Amanthi Harris’s new book Beautiful Place, which comes out this September, and has the most stunning cover!
I hope you’ll consider buying some books from some of these wonderful independent companies. It’s definitely not the worst way to spend your money, and every penny goes into making sure the industry is as diverse and exciting as it can possibly be

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