Reading Intentions

Happy New Year friends. 2018 was a wild one for me. Some really cool things happened and some really cool things didn’t happen. I’m not one for resolutions these days and don’t particularly believe the new year culture of leaving everything you want to change until January 1st. You can start making positive changes at any time and I’ll be keeping that thought very firmly in mind this year. The only things I’m really focusing on in 2019 in broader life is to get so qualified for a job that they won’t be able to turn me down after university (even if they try), maybe explore my creativity some more and do some meaningful things with my free time. That being said, I’m also promising to let myself rest more, work less and be better with money. Because I’m the WORST when it comes to money. So anyway, after that erratic out pour of things I’d like to do differently, despite maintaining the (very stable / actually quite fragile) outlook that I’m an alright human, here’s my reading specific intentions for the year ahead.

Books to Fear

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This year I’ve decided to reform my bookstagram. I only started it in summer as a way of talking about books without annoying my friends on social media who don’t particularly want to hear about them. However, it’s allowed me to reflect on my reading habits and made me aware of something I’m already doing. Gravitating towards books that empower or books that defy tradition is something I’ve always done. I’m fascinated by inspirational stories and authors who subvert the literary norm. I love to see poetry combined with prose, or crazy use of syntax that revolutionises the way we read. I want to consume more literature that explores the unspoken, or the content that society doesn’t necessarily want us to hear about. Our education system is censored, our online lives are censored, everything is becoming increasingly controlled and I want to actively resist that notion. That’s why this year I’m giving my instagram account a bit more focus. From January, I’m only going to be posting about the books that I think fulfil this criteria. This might mean that my reading lists become catered to finding these books and sharing them with the world, but I don’t think there’s any harm in that.

F**k the reading challenges

I hate reading challenges, always have, always will. I’m sick of seeing people trying to justify why they’re better than someone else for reading a hundred books or fifty books or twelve books. Any reading is good reading. I want to talk about books in a way that makes reading seem the accessible thing that it is. People shouldn’t put off reading because they think it’s some kind of competitive sport. I loooove to read lots but I’m not putting any pressure on myself this year to read anything unless I’m doing it for enjoyment (or study purposes obviously- uni sucks!)

Buy reasonably, borrow frequently and shop independent

As I said earlier, I’m terrible with money. Anything finance related gives me the shivers and I hate looking at my online banking in case I get the fright of a lifetime. I want to be in control of my spending, and whilst buying books isn’t at all the cause of my financial worries, I want to make sure my money is going to the best places. So how am I going to do this? Well, there’s a few rules that I’m promising to stick to.

-NO MORE AMAZON. Amazon is cancelled! Not only do they take massive amounts of money away from publishers and small businesses, they’re also notorious for paying little tax and treating their workers like shit. Thank u, next.

-Shop from independent bookshops when I can, as well as ordering directly from publishers, especially independent ones. Gotta support the future of these amazing businesses (and more selfishly, the industry I want to be a part of)

-Borrow more books from the city library / from friends. I always have people offering me books to borrow but my materialistic brain MUST have it for myself. I’m the worst. I have no room left so this is the perfect escape from suffocation by books.

So yeah, that’s it really. Nothing strict, nothing that’s going to cause pain and suffering. Just small changes in mindset and lifestyle that will hopefully make my reading more enjoyable and make me a better reader too.

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