Podcasts I love listening to!

Recently I have been listening to a lot of podcasts, in between working lots and (attempting) to write lots too. I thought I’d document a few of my favourites that I thought some of you may also enjoy. Most of them are book related but there’s also some others in the mix which I love purely because they make me laugh (very hard) and because they discuss important issues I care a lot about.

  1. Teenage Scream

teenage scream

One of the podcasts I am loving the most at the moment is Teenage Scream, a stream of chat created by Kirsty Logan and Heather Parry which discusses 90s Horror novels from the Point Horror collection. As you may have seen from the blog, I recently looked back on my favourite Point Horror stories and this podcast has been supplying a much needed conversation about some of the novels I once loved and now reflect on with some mixed feelings. I love podcasts that talk about old topics that are potentially quite niche to a lot of people and so don’t really get spoken about that widely as nostalgic treasures.

Their most recent podcast was on The Babysitter- I highly recommend you go and have a listen because they are both hilarious & their points of discussion are super interesting.

the guilty

2. The Guilty Feminist

This Guilty Feminist podcast is another one which actually makes me laugh out loud when I listen to it, even on public transport.

It’s hosted by Deborah Frances-White, a wonderful comedian who chats to guests about their hypocrisies as 21st century feminists. If, like me, you read a lot about the world from a feminist perspective and how progress is still desired in most areas of life, sometimes its fun to get a light-hearted take on things and you will definitely relate to at least one joke she or her guests come out with.

banging book club

3. Banging Book Club

The Banging Book Club is a podcast which discusses books about sex & relationships through a feminist lens. It features Leena Norms, Hannah Witton and Lucy Moon and has discussed works which are notably known for their discussions of sex / women, such as Lolita and Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I looove the dynamics of this podcast, especially since Leena and Hannah are two of my favourite online presences, on both social media and youtube. They are all super down to Earth and their productivity and creativity is what some may call… goals.

4. I’m Not Being Funny But--jkcp9l1x-im_not_being_funny_but-_new_

In relation to the last recommendation, but its just Leena Norms as host this time with various guests that she invites to the show. This podcast is probably my favourite. Each episode features a frank, serious and yet hilarious discussion of certain questions you might be pondering the answers to, such as ‘What’s it like to be suicidal?’ or ‘Is my workplace racist?’.

I really enjoy listening to this one, mostly because it is both funny and thought-provoking at the same time. Go listen for laughs !!

5. The Waves: Gender, Relationships, Feminism

193175_300x300If you like fiery dissections of the media, this is your podcast!! They look at the world and take apart news stories and culture with a focus on gender and feminism, and its so enjoyable to listen to. I particularly like the structure of this podcast, and the topics of conversation are always very current and super interesting to think about. Also can we talk about the cover art for the podcast? Makes my eyes water with joy.


6. Women, Gender and Sex in the Ottoman World

A little bit of a different one for my last recommendation. Its a history podcast but the discussions are often quite relevant to modern day.


I love how concise, interesting and factual it is, and I really just love history. The Ottoman Empire is something rarely taught in schools, as is a lot of Early Islamic history, so if you’re looking for something completely new that you haven’t heard much about, its definitely a period of history you may well very much fall in love with.

The hosts of the most recent episode are two super interesting women, Sanja Kadric, who has a doctorate in Islamic History, and Emily Neumeier, also a historian, specialising in Islamic art and architecture. There are often men who host the podcast (who are also wonderful to listen to) but I love how these two particular women interact and discuss the notion of the Eunich in August’s episode, and how gender is relevant to the topic.

Another episode I’m enjoying is ‘The Ottoman Erotic’, can you think of anything you’d rather be listening to?


Thanks for looking at this list of podcasts. It is a comprehensive guide to the podcasts you should be listening to if you’re not already, because they are hilarious and brilliantly informative and generally well worth your time !!

P.S- If anyone is wondering where to listen to this wonderful selection, my app of choice is Overcast. It is super easy to use and you can set all sorts of timers and modes, even ones that play until you fall asleep.


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