YA Nostalgia: Point Horror

Recently I have been thinking more about genres of books I enjoy. It dawned on me that I have never really been a Young Adult reader, mostly because I made a large leap from reading children’s fiction, straight into reading adult fiction without any transition. Whilst pondering this idea of having certain genres that I love more than others, I somehow remembered my obsession with Horror, which I completely forgot about.

I did read YA! I just read it before I was ‘young adult’ enough to consider myself one.


Before I hit thirteen and started eating up all the Stephen King novels I could get my hands on, from the ginormous IT to classics like The Shining, I did read some YA horror. I’m intrigued to know how many others enjoyed my favourite ever YA horror series…

Point Horror.

Anyone? The series, released by Scholastic, was housed almost in full in my primary school library, and I vividly remember rummaging around car boot sales to find all the parts they were missing. You could pick up ten of them for less than a pound from sellers right near my childhood home. I can’t believe these slipped my mind when recalling what my favourite books were over the years. So last week, I asked my parents to bring up my collection from home, where they’d been hiding on my younger sister’s book shelf since I donated them to her years ago in hope she’d love them as much as I do. She’s yet to read them, so now they’re back on my shelves and I’m going to re-read all of them again. Hopefully it will entail some kind of nostalgic wave rather than the realisation that they were absolute trash (I’m joking- to even suggest an R.L Stine book could be trash is sacrilege).

My favourite of the Point Horror books I read was Beach House. It basically features a group of teen friends who go on vacation together (I know, very American) in 1954, and people are slowly killed off one by one. Forty years later, history begins to repeat itself amongst a new group of friends. I absolutely loved the plot of this book. I remember running to my fellow horror enthusiast and best friend in school, Mollie (hey if you’re reading this!) and telling her about it. She borrowed my copy and immediately bought her own straight after. We even wrote our own versions of the story to tell each other, approximately aged eleven and obsessed with everything horror related. Ahhh they were the good days. Reflecting on this has given me a new enthusiasm for horror and I’m excited to get back into reading it again after taking a very long hiatus from doing so.


If you’re looking for something to ease you into the world of horror, I highly recommend this series. The nostalgia is REAL ! The stories are a little cheesy and sometimes very predictable, but I loved every minute of reading them.


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