The Importance of the North : Where the publishing industry is heading

So one of the things I’ve been thinking a lot about recently is the future. The future of me and mostly, the career thats going to lead me through adulthood. After much research, a few years of contemplating it, and lots of reading- I have decided I am going to be a publisher. I recently watched a video from one of my favourite Youtubers, Leena Norms, about competitive industries, and the fear of having to change your goals to suit a career thats less competitive. Leena is in publishing herself, and currently works for Penguin- my dream company (besides my own). In the video, she talks about the notion that the publishing industry is impenetrable, and how this is a misconception and quite the myth. It filled me with slightly more confidence, and this, along with getting a (very) exciting interview, has left me buzzing about publishing. Books are so exciting !! Anyway, let me get to the point !

I’m from the North of England, Blackpool specifically. At home, we call it a shit hole. Away from home, we call it our shit hole. But jokes aside, I love it. I love the spirit of the North, the warm feeling I get when I’m near the seaside, the feeling that everything is within grasp and the world is my oyster. Sometimes when you’re in a big city that feeling can get lost, and you become overwhelmed by the sheer size of everything. The North is a wonderful place, both the rural areas and the metropolitan. But is enough being done to ensure the publishing industry stretches its supposedly loving and all-inclusive arms out of London and beyond?

I believe so. Steps are being taken and I’m so excited by it. Whilst I’m happy to move to London to kick start my career, get the essential experience I need to make what I want to happen, I don’t want to settle down South. I want my life to be in the North that raised me, and I eventually hope to build a Northern publishing house to call my own. I’m writing this post to remind myself that the North has a future in publishing, and in order to push myself to eventually be a part of it.

The Northern Fiction Alliance recently released an open letter to the London-centric publishing industry, calling for the industry to unite in order to expand out of the South. There is so much talent in the North and so many people with the ambition to innovate and create new content and ideas to keep the rising numbers of physical book sales jumping. This letter made me very happy.


As you can see, the alliance is super and is making really positive and productive steps towards spreading the industry North. One of my favourite publishing houses involved in the scheme is Comma Press, based in Manchester where I’m currently living. One of their books is on my reading list this summer, ‘Protest: Stories of Resistance’, a collection of real life inspired tales focusing on resistance through Britain’s history. Amazing !

This summer I’m hoping to do something really productive which will hopefully work towards making my ambitions a reality concerning this particular aspiration, but even if I don’t manage too much, I’ll be buying from / reading from as many Northern publishers I can in the sunny weather.

Thanks for reading 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Importance of the North : Where the publishing industry is heading

  1. I loved reading this, Beth!! It’s so annoying that everything is in London — I tried to get a placement for uni at a Preston publishing house, but they were “too small” to take any people on 😕

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    1. I know its so frustrating !! I haven’t tried much yet as I’m only in first year but I have looked at a few websites and most Northern publishers say straight off the bat that they don’t take on interns. Depressing reality of everything booming in the South 😦


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