Some books I bought

Helloo. March was a hectic month and I didn’t read half as much as I had planned or hoped for. I had two deadlines to meet at uni and I seemed to have done a lot of socialising believe it or not. I’m so excited to complete this year of study already but I need to stop getting ahead of myself. I can write when I have time to fill and I just have to keep reminding myself of it so I don’t waste time I need for doing uni.

I did read a few books however, and I will review those soon. But here is a post to document all the books I have purchased recently, both in March and in April. I’m hoping to get all these finished before summer begins so I have an excuse to do another book-buying spree when the sun comes along.


-Angela Carter : The Sadeian Woman, An Ideology of Pornography (Virago)

I have already started reading this one and its amazing so far. Carter uses Sade’s liberated views of sexuality to construct her own view of sex, women’s sexuality and modern pornography. I am loving it so far, as I seem to do with anything Carter, but I look forward to reading more and dissecting all of her feminist criticisms.

-Elizabeth Bowen : The Death of the Heart (Vintage)

-D.H Lawrence : The Rainbow (Vintage)

-Sarah Schmidt : See What I Have Done (Grove Atlantic)

-Sylvia Plath : Ariel (Faber and Faber)

-Zadie Smith : Feel Free (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin Random House)

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