Deeds Not Words Book Launch

February has been a super exciting month, and the thing I was most looking forward to was the book launch of Dr Helen Pankhurst’s new release- Deeds Not Words. For those of you yet to make the connection, Helen Pankhurst is the grand-daughter of Sylvia Pankhurst and therefore the great-grand-daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the British suffragette movement. As I am a) politically active, b) a history enthusiast and c) a huge sucker for new books, you can imagine this was an event that I simply could not miss.


Me and two of my friends travelled down to the Pankhurst Centre just off Oxford Road in Manchester, built into the original house of Emmeline Pankhurst (what !!! I know). It was amazing to see the house for myself after looking at various pictures, and the living room was laid out, supposedly, exactly how it had been when Emmeline lived there. The night was a celebration of the history of the suffragettes, a celebration of women doing amazing things in the present, and a reminder of what more needs to be done to ensure women’s rights are sustained and important.


I queued for about thirty minutes to meet Helen, and when I did I was too busy smiling to take in much of what was going on. I sat down at the table in the famous living room whilst she signed my book. And of course, I also showed her (one of) my first tattoos, an original design based on one of the campaign badges from her great-grandmother’s movement. Although she probably isn’t that into tattoos, I think she appreciated the gesture and even said it was pretty cool.

If you have been following my site for some time, you may remember quite a large post I uploaded about the suffragettes (and my tattoo) so if you would like to see that, you can click here to view. Hopefully this has been interesting for you. I haven’t read the book yet, but in summary it is essentially a celebration of what the suffragettes achieved, and Helen Pankhurst’s perspective on what more needs to be done to achieve universal equality for women. I shall be posting a book review once I have completed it, hopefully v soon.

Thanks for reading !



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