January sucks but clouds have silver linings

January has been a tiring and long month as usual. I feel as if I have spent most of the month questioning everything… the purpose of studying, the purpose of functioning well, the purpose of reading even, just everything I have done seems to come under self-scrutiny. Those thoughts have somewhat strangely come under my control again after my latest read, Brave New World, which I will be posting a review of very soon.

As well as negativity and a very cynical outlook, I have also achieved some things this month, which is a much more important thing to focus on. I managed to add another 2:1 to my grades which is a big deal, since a strait of 2:2’s began to make me doubt everything. That was stupid of course. I have only just started studying again, but still, it is easy to get distracted by the numbers, alike to most aspects of life if I am honest. I also looked after myself more this month.

  • Finished an essay which was plaguing me, and managed to survive exam period in one piece, maintaining a v strong eyeliner game throughout.
  • Nurtured my brain with five books !!!
  • Conditioned and moisturised my skin more often to combat my scratching habits. Adorned it with a new tattoo inspired and dedicated to one of my favourite poets, Anna Akhmatova.
  • Started writing a novel. Whether it will go anywhere, I am doubtful. But I am excited by the story, and seeing it on a page makes me feel v productive.
  • Saw a lot more of people. Socialisation is so good for my brain and I often forget that when I push it to the back of the queue in place of things I deem more important.
  • Treated myself (in moderation) to lots of novels and poetry, gig tickets, some material purchases &&& bought tickets to go to a v important and exciting book launch which I can’t wait to write about.
  • Ate (SO) good !!



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