A Quick Literary Thought

Yesterday I found myself in a slump, both in general and when facing the reading list which I have set for myself this year. I started off the year attempting to read some classics. I’ve read Pride and Prejudice which was super interesting and nice to read, especially since I have never read any Austen and I don’t really take much interest usually in the regency period of British history. However, when trying to face heavier classics such as Les Miserables, and (les) miserably failing (I am aware that was horrific), I decided it was time for a break and to delve into some more modern literature. I’d normally just browse the web for a book that seemed interesting enough to me but I had actually seen this book, Hot Little Mouths, recommended in a Youtube video of the best books she’d read in 2016. Embarrassingly, I can’t remember who that mystery Youtuber shall be, but if I do, I shall edit and add in due time.

I am yet to complete the book but I just wanted to tell someone about it, right now. It is so good. So good, that I can’t even explain why. It is basically a book of 8 short stories which document events in the lives of different girls, transitioning from childhood into adolescence, or adolescence into adulthood. I will probably add a full review once I have finished it but I was hooked by the first story and wanted to start talking about it as soon as possible. The weird thing is, I didn’t know how to feel. I am so used to reading huge, in-depth tales that when the first story ended inconclusively, no ending, no real solid hint as to what was next to happen, I felt like I had been tricked. But then I thought about the concept of the book and realised its brilliance. The book itself is a documentation of uncertainty, whether it be about accidental pregnancy or teacher-student crushes. One thing that is for certain however is that I will be finishing this book very soon. I love it.


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