Fear of Feminism

It seems to me that even in the more liberal-minded age we appear to be entering into, there is still a huge stigma attached to the idea of feminism. I think this is a result of two main reasons:

  1. Fear of the unknown/disillusions surrounding the idea itself
  2. Radical social changes
Feminism in Berlin, March 2016

Fear of the unknown definitely has a large impact on the onwards belief of feminism as both an ideology and an ever-growing movement. When people don’t understand something, they often become afraid of it and immediately reject it in an attempt to pretend it isn’t necessary. If people understood the term ‘feminism’ more widely, I guarantee that they would all accept it as a part of a moral state of mind. However, this idea that feminism means supremacy for women, the crushing of mankind and an end to attractive, sexual females is outrageously false and has grown from the historical expectation that women don’t need to fight for their rights- they’ve got the vote right?

Another key reason as to why so many people still reject feminism is the idea that the movement is striving for a radicalised form of social change that will destroy society as we know it. For example, in a discussion on feminism, a man said to me that feminism will ‘tear apart society’ and create a race of women ‘to be ashamed of’. He must have had some very messed up ideas on what the concept actually means for both women and men, because when I explained my definition, he agreed with everything I said.

Feminism to me, as I have said in many posts, is simply to achieve gender equality. And no, I don’t just mean politically. I want to be equal to a man on every level and in every aspect of my life. I want people to look at me in the same way they look at a man, whether I’m applying for a job or I’m lifting a heavy box or I’m seeing as many people as I like. Feminism to me is about choice. Choosing my own paths which would historically have been dominated by society’s stern glare or my parents religious beliefs. There are so many different branches of feminism too which focus of the needs of different women globally. Recognising that women on an international scale have entirely different demands is what is key to pushing the movement forward and uniting our gender.


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