Tragedy in Europe

I am not writing this post in order to provoke debate, I am simply sharing my views on what has dawned on our country after the events of June 23rd so that I may look back upon my thoughts in reflection.

Today is a tragic day for the population of Britain, our history and the history of Europe on the whole. I am devastated by the result. I voted to remain in the European Union to maintain a relationship with the world that was accepting and open to different cultures, strong in the face of fascism and solid as an economic unit. Unfortunately, almost 52% of the British people have voted otherwise, and so democracy has truly spoken.


It is not just the benefits of the EU which will have a huge impact on this country on being withdrawn, as already proven today. We have lost our Prime Minister, whom I do despise and on any other occasion would happily wave him away from Downing Street, however we must see through our hatred and look closely at the alternative. The new favourite to be the leader of our country, a WORLD leader- Boris Johnson. I can’t think of anything worse. He is a bumbling, misogynistic toff and he does not deserve to be the leader of this country. Many people voted for the Conservatives for David Cameron as a person, not for the policies they had to offer, so to appoint him without consenting the people seems ridiculous.

So, we are now under full control by a right-wing government who preaches xenophobia, uses scare-mongering to trick its people into voting for it and uses out-right lies and omissions in its propaganda to ensure victory, despite the hidden truths of the campaign. I am sorry to be leaving a union with many beautifully countries which hold many beautiful people, and I hope their opinions of us will not be tainted by such a hateful and bitter campaign war such as the one we have just experienced.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again- 16 and 17 year-olds should have been given the right to vote. This decision made by Cameron hugely backfired, it is the young people who see hope and a future for this country as part of Europe rather than the vast majority of the elderly and middle-aged who vote based on their own needs and their experiences of a different age. Life may have been better before the EU for some, but now we are in a completely different time, a time where globalisation is becoming more and more important everyday. It is better to be together, than alone.

I sincerely hope leave voters are happy with their decision. It is my generation that will suffer for it.

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