June 24th

Blue skies are gone

The stars look differentIMG_0153.PNG



Goodbye dear friend

We have fought

A crass, destructive

War to keep hold of your

Palm in ours, hands and hearts

Now divided

Like the people left behind.

And yes

Bullets have been fired

And yes

Turmoil has dawned

We are angry

The people are rising up

Hatred, stinging fear

We sit and we wait,

Perplexed by what’s to come.

2 thoughts on “June 24th

  1. After reading this alongside your insightful and considered response to the referendum result in the post ‘Tragedy in Europe’, I actually feel a lot better about what happened. Seeing someone of your age write so intelligently and thoughtfully about political matters which have inspired the worst responses from otherwise-rational people makes me realise we, as a nation, are in safe hands with people like yourself to help shape it. You reflect the state of limbo we’re in right now most ably, but your other post tells me we needn’t worry about what we don’t know. We’ll be ok.

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    1. Thank you very much, it means a lot to receive recognition of my views on such a heated day. It’s important to remember that there is always progression and I recognise that, as do many of my generation. Thanks for commenting !

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