North West Young Labour

I’m a bit late in posting this but a series of demands arose and they were impossible to avoid.

I was super excited for Halloween this year, not only because it is my favourite festivity but also because of what I had planned for the day. This year, the North West Young Labour conference was to be held in Blackpool at The Imperial Hotel. I love this location for starters; my high school prom was hosted here. It’s such a beautiful old building and with its recent renovations, it’s looking more stunning than ever.

Despite terrible weather and a slight nervousness in attending a political event on my own, I was soon met by excitement for the day ahead. I knew roughly what the day would entail but I didn’t quite expect it to be as inspiring and thought-provoking as it was.

Firstly, I should explain my political stance. I am a member of the Labour Party and have been for a few months now, possibly even a year. My family do not vote Labour and so I was not ‘born’ into this idea, however I suppose it was influenced by those around me as all political opinions most commonly are. 

In the General Election, I helped a campaign which sought to win a seat in parliament for an amazing man who I have so much respect for and I’m now great friends with him. Unfortunately, he didn’t win due to a large percentage of my area having strong alliances with the Conservative party which couldn’t really be helped. The result of the election made me quite passionate to establish my political views and helped me to realise that even though I am young, they are still very relevant.

I attended this conference in order to do a number of things. Firstly, I wanted to relight my political fire. For a few months, I’ve been avoiding politics in general due to the sad feeling I get inside when I realise nothing current seems to agree with what my heart desires in terms of political standing. I thought that maybe the conference could help my understanding of the current situation and how it is open to improvement.

Secondly, I wanted to hear a speech made before my eyes and my ears, from Jeremy Corbyn himself. That I did, and I even had the chance to speak to him which was an opportunity I’ll never forget.

Finally, I wanted to make my decision as to where in the party I belong. My understanding of the so-called divisions of labour are still blurry.

Wow, this post has become dramatically long. Anyway, I’ll round off by saying it was a great day, and I found it inspiring to hear so many people my age share equal passion for bettering the country we live in.

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