Red Moon

First poem in a long time. It’s hard to find words to summarise my sadness concerning the tragedy in Paris and other cities alike who have suffered similarly in recent days. It’s important to remember that terror is a separate issue to politics as well as religion- terror is evil and is condoned by no religion.

This poem reflects how I see the current state of the world we are living in. I hope some light emerges soon.

Red moon

Sombre moon how you crown the sky

Sitting on a throne of deceit, depraved

Fury of the most insipid kind

A neutral King swaying steady tides

In a world on fire

Silent shrieks

Desperation caught in innocent throats like

The sharp bullets of terror that sank

Angels hiding, running, flying

Through a city on fire

The city of lights becomes a city

Plunged into solemn darkness

Mothers weep and fathers sleep

Children lying cold, at peace- escaped

From the streets of fire

As hearts burn in fear and evil brews in

Animals that claw at the accordion-playing

Havens of love and romance and

Cowards of the night

Under a moon

Reflecting the fire

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