Social Media Appreciation

In recent months I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about social media in a negative light. From time consuming to anti-social, the progressively-growing communication system has been attacked continuously since it began.

Being the cynic I am, I would usually join in, and I can’t claim I’m innocent when it comes to social media slating. In the past, I must have deleted and re-created my Facebook account at least half a dozen times in an attempt to break free from the addiction that controls over a billion people on our planet.

However, this post is not like my usual cynical slurs and as much as I’d like society to be as technology-free as the medieval age, I have to give social media credit where due.

I can’t believe how much the concept generally allows us to do. It’s only when you try and cut it out your life that it really takes hold and makes your realise what you’re missing. A combination of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has enabled so many opportunities that I would have undoubtedly missed out on if I didn’t use them.

  • A summer school which resulted in a university scholarship was made aware to me on Facebook. This has the potential to change the next few years of my life and I’m so grateful I was able to find this through the communicative site. During the summer school, I made so many friends who I’m still in contact with today- thanks to Facebook again. It just shows how sites such as these really do connect people for the better.
  • Writing for a magazine was one of the best things I started doing about a year ago and that’s all thanks to the power of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook which suggested them to me through common interest.
  • My part-time job was also made aware to me on Facebook, and it makes rota changes and shift swaps so much easier to manage online.
  • Once I left high school and my old job I was able to keep in touch with people I’d never ordinarily see. And it’s not just speaking to people. The opportunity to take inspiration from people who have changed your life and use it to motivate you is the best thing that I have gained from social media.

So, what I’m trying to say is, give it a chance. Next time you find yourself condemning the online world of socialisation, think what you may have gained from it. I know I’ve gained a hell of a lot.

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