A Wander Round Stanley Park

For those of you who are not from the Blackpool area, Stanley Park is one of the most favourable outdoor spaces available to us and I love it very much. I visited recently to review an exhibition about the historical buildings which have been lost or demolished over the years after they were once built.

You can read that review HERE.

Other than my shameless self promotion, I did have another purpose for creating this post. The nature which fills the gardens on Stanley Park is beautiful and so I took some photos (of course). I also enjoyed a lovely day out with my dad and sister which was a unique experience but surprisingly enjoyable.

Whilst researching the memorial I saw in honour of the clown Charlie Cairoli, I came across a really interesting story.

In 1939, the Cairoli family performed their circus acts in Munich during a travelling exhibition. It just so happens that during a special performance with his new wife Violetta Fratenelli, Adolf Hitler was in attendance. As a reward for such an excellent show, Hitler presented the clown with a watch.

Later that year in September, World War Two broke out and Cairoli immediately moved his wife to England. At the time, he was performing as Blackpool Tower Circus’ resident clown and at the news that war had been declared, he threw the watch into the sea from the end of North Pier.

I found this so intriguing, it brings a bit of real international history to the little town that we all call home.


Cairoli Memorial- Longest ever resident clown in Blackpool.

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