The Gazette-Work Experience

So last week I embarked on a totally new experience. I’ve always loved writing since I was very young and I always thought it was something I would end up doing as a career one day. Despite my small phase of wanting to be a doctor (admittedly due to financial temptations), I have now decided that it could definitely be the making of me.

During this new experience, I worked for The Gazette, Blackpool. It was so insightful and I loved every second, even reading anti-youth letters from old readers. I didn’t expect much from the experience as placements I have done before have left me making tea continuously throughout the day or tidying endless piles of office junk. I’m pleased to say I haven’t made one cup of tea, but I did publish a few articles which I will picture below. I was even engaged by football news which is something I never thought I’d be interested in however it turns out Blackpool Football Club has a lot of juicy news stories to be written. Unfortunately, I missed a few of my articles so I only have some to show below. Hopefully I’ll be able to get hold of them soon.

Investigating for the articles was my favourite part of the whole experience. Having the authority to call up councillors or speak to MPs, interviewing people on the phone and hearing people in tears or over joyed with celebration, it was crazy but so cool at the same time. There is some strange satisfaction that comes from publishing a story that you have gathered every centimetre of information for. I think journalism may definitely be what I want to do now although I’m still considering being a history teacher since I’m pretty passionate about the subject.


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