The Final Solution- Is History Set To Repeat Itself?

Everyday (as the history nerd I am) I check up on, specifically to review what this day in history has to offer. Today’s date is the anniversary of Goering’s request to Heydrich for a clear plan of the final solution. For anyone who is unaware of who these characters are, they both played a major role in the governing of Nazi Germany and the subsequent extermination of millions of Jews in Europe. I don’t want to write a post on Nazi Germany specifically today because I know it is quite common topic (but please do comment below if you’d like to hear more because I do know probably too much about it.) What I really wanted to raise to question is this: is it possible that something similar to the holocaust could ever happen again? I’m not talking about Judaism specifically or the way in which the Nazis carried out their crimes. However, I would like to compare the persecution which they carried out to that of the constant persecution of vulnerable members of our world today.

Russell Brand recently highlighted America’s aggressive view towards the homeless presented through Bill O’Reilly’s quarter of Fox News. I think this was a really vital topic for Russell to bring up and question. America are in search of some way of ‘cleansing’ their consumerist streets and parks- but without fixing the economy, how can this be done? Without redistributing money and jobs  name welfare in a fair and equal way, homelessness can never be solved. So what will they do instead? Because I’m almost certain that billionaire corporations that practically run the USA have no interest in aiding the homeless into careers and housing. This brings to question how they really intend to ‘cleanse’ the population of these so-called quality of life criminals.

And it’s not just the homeless who the media are currently attacking. With incidents occurring globally everyday by fault of extremist group IS, Muslims in the West are feeling the brunt of these events more and more. Right wing groups such as Britain’s First are a major source of racist and hateful propaganda to a Muslim population, who on the majority have done absolutely nothing wrong. With IS on the rise and even government officials telling Islam in general to take responsibility for their own kind’s actions, how can we expect any sort of peace to rise from this situation?

If you want to read more about right-wing propaganda groups and IS, my friend Caleb has written a brilliant piece on it which you can read here: A Week of Political Highs and Lows | Shows, Foes and Three-eyed Crows

Another vulnerable group who have become under fire is the refugees seeking aid and safety, attempting to enter the country at Calais. People in Britain think this is scary and needs to be dealt with as if a plague is entering our idealistic  British society. Our Prime Minister himself referred to these HUMAN BEINGS as a ‘swarm.’ What kind of people can we expect to be if we reject the people who need our help most? I know it’s a completely different situation and may be controversial to say the least.

But, what if the people ‘swarming’ into Britain were civilians just like the Jews of Nazi Germany who had resulted in this state due to a war that wasn’t their fault? Let me say this. These people ARE just like that. It is because people are unaware of this fact that we reject them as if they are a threat to our society. Will Britain reach out a hand to the people who need it most, or will they turn their back in this crucial hour? We shall have to wait and see.

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