Auschwitz- Holocaust week

(A poem written in memory of those who were lost to the holocaust and those who were lucky enough to survive the evil of Nazism.)


Shuttling down a creaking track
Rusted cogs grind
Endless churning
Down the thick iced
Pathway to

A cold
Like never before
Sun creeps amongst the snow
Silent, lonely warmth
Jitters on the skin of
Faceless creatures
Men wield iron
Prodding, purging
Ached silhouettes dragged
Light to dark
Branded clothes
Damp with discomposure

Arbeit Macht Frei
Blared, blurred above
Out of sight, mind
Buildings and bodies and bones
The live barely living

Months pass
Humans enter through the gates
Numbers exit, disposed
Little being left within
The bodies that remain

Another day
sound of trucks
Unheard of

A soviet
A child in blue pyjamas
Touch hands through
An opening cage

-More Holocaust memorial posts to come.

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